Perils Of The Soul
Transcendent Body
Deformed Flesh
Awaiting The Winter
Things To Come
Bringer Of Pain
How Many Realities?
Between The Lines
Face Death

"Invisible Seed Beneath"

Still Searching
Spiritual Envy
War Inside My Mind
I Pray
Big Rock
Matter Of Trust
Invisible Seed Beneath
What Are We To Do Now

"In The Heartbeat Of Living And Dying"

Lack Of Compassion
The Way Home
Risen In Flames
Scores Of Time
Great Mother
I Create
I Am
As The Veil Lifts Slightly
Days As Long As Nights

All is made of love ...

May all our conscious, good thoughts
Leave our heads as healing light beams
Driven by the rhythm of our heartbeats
Slip through the sun gate in our chest
To touch the ones who feel its warmth
So they shall make them feel the love seeds
To make them happier
Though stronger on their quest
And those shall pass it on
To the ones they meet and love
The souls in need
And the one whose heart bleeds
Pass it on
Pass it on
It contains the energy that needs
To be felt and given by us all
So pass it on
The stock of love is endless
'Cause energy can't be gone

Love yourself
And you will love it all
Love yourself
And you will love it all