Perils Of The Soul
Transcendent Body
Deformed Flesh
Awaiting The Winter
Things To Come
Bringer Of Pain
How Many Realities?
Between The Lines
Face Death

"Invisible Seed Beneath"

Still Searching
Spiritual Envy
War Inside My Mind
I Pray
Big Rock
Matter Of Trust
Invisible Seed Beneath
What Are We To Do Now

"In The Heartbeat Of Living And Dying"

Lack Of Compassion
The Way Home
Risen In Flames
Scores Of Time
Great Mother
I Create
I Am
As The Veil Lifts Slightly
Days As Long As Nights
Still Searching

I still don't know what I want here
Though I know what I don't - yeah!
Every second day I fall to my knees
Praying to make me see clear

We ruled this planet like a disease
The warnings in front of our faces so clear
We constantly refused to hear
If we could only raise our conscience for a few degrees
I believe we'll see better days like these...

Still find myself waiting for a sign...
Someone please come over
And wake that soul of mine!

Oh God, I pray…
For all that is around me
The life of being parted to be over soon
Feeling one with all that is
With every other being
The stars and the moon
I wanna know my mission
I feel the time is near
As I try to see the signs
And now I constantly try to hear
I am what I am and now I am here
Even though some times I burn...
But deep inside
Behind the coat of doubt and fear
I know I'm made of light
And that's where I return

I am made of light
I don't want to be without
I follow my spirit without a moment of doubt
That's how I wanna live
This is how I want to be
That's the reason why
My life is full of joy and ecstasy!

I am what I am and it's good to be here
I decided to grow to where I belong
And banned all the doubts and the fear
Which held me back for so long...
It feels like I'm using the highest gear
For the first time
And I'm feeling so strong
On the way to my destiny
To where I'm getting near
I think I'm coming home...