Perils Of The Soul
Transcendent Body
Deformed Flesh
Awaiting The Winter
Things To Come
Bringer Of Pain
How Many Realities?
Between The Lines
Face Death

"Invisible Seed Beneath"

Still Searching
Spiritual Envy
War Inside My Mind
I Pray
Big Rock
Matter Of Trust
Invisible Seed Beneath
What Are We To Do Now

"In The Heartbeat Of Living And Dying"

Lack Of Compassion
The Way Home
Risen In Flames
Scores Of Time
Great Mother
I Create
I Am
As The Veil Lifts Slightly
Days As Long As Nights
Risen In Flames

Another flame returned
And rises with the fire
Into the great eternal sun
Where all illusions are burned
And your return has just begun

My eyes overfloweth
And tears they can't express
The gratitude to know you
What words have failed to tell
Nor ease the pain of losing
A soul so full of light

You have chosen now to rest
And changed into another sphere
Back to the one
So many of you have left
Though I know you're not really gone
It still seems I'm the only one
Left to wait to feel your grace again

Oh god won't you let him stay

Please don't take him away

Oh please my friend forgive me
All those things that I wanted
But did not say

I know that you are still here
But I miss you

Death is not what I fear
But I still miss you

Your soul may be guided by an army of angels
They shall carry you on their wings
And kiss you

Oh god, my friend We will miss you

dedicated to Chris "Dr. Krise" Jöchtl (24. 12. 1964 – 28. 07. 2011)