Perils Of The Soul
Transcendent Body
Deformed Flesh
Awaiting The Winter
Things To Come
Bringer Of Pain
How Many Realities?
Between The Lines
Face Death

"Invisible Seed Beneath"

Still Searching
Spiritual Envy
War Inside My Mind
I Pray
Big Rock
Matter Of Trust
Invisible Seed Beneath
What Are We To Do Now

"In The Heartbeat Of Living And Dying"

Lack Of Compassion
The Way Home
Risen In Flames
Scores Of Time
Great Mother
I Create
I Am
As The Veil Lifts Slightly
Days As Long As Nights
Days As Long As Nights

The ruins where within those walls
The foundation of my faith has laid in wait
Are going to be rebuilt these days
My dreams get clearer every night
Just like the water of that creek I passed
Rinsed my hair and cleansed my ways…
Pieces of the puzzle that didn't recognize
Their afflation to my life
They rearrange, recalling in my mind

Soldiers sitting by the fire
Not one sound has left their faces
Not one sound disturbed the dusk
A white deer crossed my path just a little bit nearby
From out of nowhere
Like a sacred sign
It seemed to be hidden from their eyes
And just as well was I
Drawn like a perfect mystic picture
A gentle river winds within the forest
Like a vein that's filled with life
Offering wisdom to mankind…
Not at war they've been
For peace I prayed
For unity of all
I wait