Perils Of The Soul
Transcendent Body
Deformed Flesh
Awaiting The Winter
Things To Come
Bringer Of Pain
How Many Realities?
Between The Lines
Face Death

"Invisible Seed Beneath"

Still Searching
Spiritual Envy
War Inside My Mind
I Pray
Big Rock
Matter Of Trust
Invisible Seed Beneath
What Are We To Do Now

"In The Heartbeat Of Living And Dying"

Lack Of Compassion
The Way Home
Risen In Flames
Scores Of Time
Great Mother
I Create
I Am
As The Veil Lifts Slightly
Days As Long As Nights
Between The Lines

Mental vomit in my face
Awaken thoughts of dying
Makes me wanna give in
Scream in the night
I got no more tears
I'm full of disappointments
I won't play these games no more
Never again you'll see me crying
Losing my path means to me
The beginning of dying

Things may not be the way that you see them
The color of my skin don't tell you nothing 'bout my soul
Look at me straight through the curtain of sound
Through entangled diction of emotional expression
So don't be mislead by the way that I look like

Mental exercise – food for the head
Ambiguous words as a way of definition

In the end it's just the ego that dies
High self survives
Present tense is now and here
The soul will never die
Mental slavery in my head
Is passed and long forgotten
Just like my thoughts of dying

Look straight trough my face
Into my heart
Find love and respect instead
I got lots of love inside me

Got to get trough that smother
Accept creations permanently change

Again and again and again
Got to push forward
From one day to another