Genius BlaKK
is a character that represents a tutelary spirit
carefully bent on expressing his concerned feelings about
how humans treat themselves and other life forms through word and sound
Eruptive, brutal and fast parts interrelate with deep, trance-like noise backgrounds,
forming an equal symbiosis with conscious meaning.

Daimon Seed is the current alter ego, ascending former Genius Blakk, sowing seeds of light in the spheres of life and death

Rob Sphere is the brain behind those energies, using also other kinds of material or media for shaping ideas and thoughts of what needs to be said
and the pressure that sometimes pushes to be released.

                       Participating Souls:

                  ROB SPHERE: drums, vocals, rattles, theremin, additional tunes & arrangements..
            SABINE SOMMER: Vocals and rattles on "Risen In Flames"
         HANNES MARESCH: Guitar on "Risen In Flames"
       PETER "Skib" SKIBAR: Sound engineering and additional guitars on "Risen In Flames"
OLIVER "ASTROLAR" G.: bass on "The Way Home" & "Spirit of 2012"-remix (recorded for "Solstice Sessions", Dec. 21st 2010)
       MARKUS STEINKELLNER (Idklang, Jakuzi's Attempt, Cameran, Arktis/Air, Artists In Revolt ): Guitars on "Scores Of Time"
         GABI STEINER: main vocals on "Still Searching"
                 CHRISTOPH AMANN: Mastering on "Still Searching"
         "Guided" recorded for "Solstice Sessions" Dec. 21st 2006 with ROLAND DE ANGELO & OLIVER "ASTROLAR" G.
       Additional drumming and vocals by EVELINA
         Additional guitars on "Superloveseed" by HANNES KELZ
            Mastering on "Invisible Seed Beneath" by ALAIN LEONARD
                 ALAIN "OFF" LEONARD: Main vocals & mastering on "Big Rock"

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