This movie is dedicated to the honoured memory of Martin Höllerl

A project by Rob Shpere, filmed on locations in and around Vienna over the last
years. Music "Spiritual Envy" inspired by a dream, received, written and performed
by Rob Sphere a. Genius BlaKK © 1999.

Thanks to Julia Cameron for her book
"The Artist's Way - A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity"

Special Thanks to Stephan Schwarz for always pushing me forward,
and Wolfgang Doller & Lukas Elzea for technical Support

Extra special thanks to Peter Meininger for technical assistence and help and
always being there for me when I really needed him, having lost myself again
in the jungle of bits and bites

... and to my angels, mother earth, the wonderful trees and all the beings and energies
in nature, where divine creativity can be felt and seen every day, who made things
happen in a magic way...

... and Gabi Doller for her patience and love
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                                                                                                           © 2005 Rob Sphere