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YES, it is important, what every single one of us
thinks, says, or let's say, BUYS or DOES NOT BUY.
Everything we do or say influences something
- you can even measure the energy of our thoughts.
What do we think, and where do our thoughts go?
What do they effect?

Not everybody is born to fight nuclear waste dumpers in a tiny air raft,
tie himself unto an oil platform
or bring essentials to people who suffocate in war zones,
with all our actions!!!

People who risk their lifes to make our stay on this planet
worth living and put their energy, time, money, spirit and power
into taking care of ALL LIFEFORMS,
deserve our deep respect,
gratitude & support!

If you feel, that only blaming the others for the worlds misery
doesn't help to make it a better place,
you might find the following addresses of interest :

"Association of endangered peoples"

"Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals"


"Global 2000"
Austrian Member of Friends of the Earth International

"Amnesty International"

"World Wildlife Fund"

"Vegane Gesellschaft"